Get the best services with these transmission repair shops in San Antonio, Texas

Transmission refers to the gearbox of a vehicle that is used to decide the speed of a vehicle. Normally, an engine of the car rotates at 800 times in a minute. This is the minimum rotation while the maximum rotation is up to 8000 per minute. Therefore, in order to increase or decrease this rotation, fluctuation of gear is required. If you’re in San Antonio, Texas, the following pointers will help you decide when to get the transmission repaired.

Types of transmission
Self-transmission mode: This transmission helps the driver by automatically selecting the gear according to the road. Drivers need not keep on changing the gear; the vehicle selects the speed according to the running surface.

Standard transmission mode: Standard or manual transmission mode allows the driver to set gear according to their own choice. The driver has to be an expert while driving in manual transmission and must be very conscious while driving. Though standard transmission saves fuel, the driver must change the gear whenever required in order to avoid any mishaps.

When does the transmission need to be checked
Transmission plays an important role while driving. It helps in determining the speed of your vehicle. Proper functioning of the transmission is very important to avoid any kind of mishap. So, if you see any of these problems, immediately get your vehicle checked or repaired.

Improper functioning of transmission
If your gearbox seems to be jammed and is not functioning smoothly, do not ignore this issue. Get it repaired without any delay. You may notice difficulty while changing the gear or you may notice that your car suddenly stops when you try to change the gear. This is because there is some problem with your gearbox and it needs an immediate repair.

Inappropriate leakage from car
Transmission functioning requires lubrication. You must always keep a check on this fluid. If you find an inappropriate leakage from your car, it may be from your gearbox, so get it checked. Like all the other lubricants, gearbox lubricant must also be changed from time to time for a proper functioning of the gearbox.

Unusual odor
If you don’t pay attention to the lubricant of the gearbox, you may have to face a greater problem. Lack of lubrication may lead to burning of the transmission box causing an unusual odor in your vehicle.

Dubious sounds while driving
If your vehicle is creating a dubious sound while driving, it is a clear indication of problematic transmission. These sounds indicate improper functioning of the gearbox and must immediately be repaired.

Transmission repair shops in San Antonio, Texas
If you face any issues with your transmission, the following five popular transmission repair shops in San Antonio, Texas will provide you with the best services.

  • Auto Service Experts
  • Chad Miller Auto Care
  • Bert’s Gene Brown Transmission
  • San Antonio Rebuilt Transmissions
  • A Best Transmission & Clutch Repair

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