Features of the Dodge RAM wagon 2500

The Dodge series are a range of full-size vans produces by the Chrysler Corporation. They make various designs; however, the exterior sheet metal has remained unchanged since 1971. It is regarded as one of the most used vehicle platforms in the American automotive sector. The price of the used Dodge RAM wagon2500 is with 4% of the average market price. In the market, a used Dodge RAM wagon 2500 is regarded as a great deal and purchased by various car shoppers.

Features worth noticing
There are various features that make this car a good buy in the used car categories. It’s well equipped and true to its pricing. The leather, power, and bucket seats add to the style and comfort. The performance of the car and the look offers a package deal and makes a used Dodge RAM wagon 2500 look attractive. The auto navigation and audio facilities are the added features of the deal. The wear and tear of a used Dodge RAM wagon 2500 are much less than other vehicles in the same category.

Also with the vehicle comes the free CARFAX report that analyses the ownership history, accidents reports and maintenance records. The price ranges from $20,000 to $30,000 and depends on dealers to dealers. It gives a mileage of 15 km/hr for an engine size of 6.4L that is regarded as a good deal. Another attractive feature of the Dodge RAM-wagon-2500 is the transmission of 6 speeds automatic. The colors range from red, white, black, silver, and copper and the interior colors are white, silver, and dark grey that compliments the exterior range of colors giving the car a stylish look.

A used Dodge RAM wagon 2500 provides various interior features like a premium bench seat, CD player, and power adjustable pedals and exterior features like power sunroof, rear window defroster, and trailer tow mirrors. Other than the features and stylish look, the mechanical options like dual alternators rated, engine block heater and remote start system can never make the car look old. A used Dodge RAM-wagon-2500 sales like any other new car and the reasons as mentioned above are the attractive features, stylish look, and a well-built mechanical system.

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