Features of skid steer track loader

If you are a contractor, you clearly understand the need for a skid steer track loader. It is quick and turns on a dime. Additionally, it is compact providing easy maneuverability in tight spaces. Even if compact in size, it is productive and powerful and a must-have in every fleet for every contractor from landscaper to general building service provider.

The older types of skid steers had certain limitations. The new skid steer track loaders are now available with some amazing features. Here are five such features.

  • Lightweight

These types of equipment are lightweight, which makes it easier to transport them from one job site to another. The easy transportation helps reduce the costs while saving time.

  • Comfortable for the operators

The new type of such equipment is designed in an operator-friendly way. These offer all-around visibility to provide better sight lines for simpler and quicker operations. The bucket corners and cutting edges are clearly visible from your seat. Additionally, the tires or tracks can be seen without needing to raise the arms of the loader.

  • Smoother operations

The modern versions of the skid steer track loader offer operational smoothness. The tracks result in lesser ground disruption. This reduces the time taken to clean the site once the job is completed.

  • Capable to work on different types of surfaces

Most of these machines are capable of working on multiple types of surfaces. Therefore, you may use these on hard surfaces such as asphalt and concrete. This equipment is also capable of working on rocky surfaces. However, you need to be cautious as it may result in faster wear and tear to the tracks. These modern machines are also capable of working in difficult and uneven surfaces such as snow, mud, or sand.

  • Affordable

This is an important aspect when you want to buy a new piece of equipment. A skid steer is an economical option because it lasts for several years, which makes the initial investment worth the cost.

There are several benefits of owning a skid steer track loader. However, the final decision must be based on the specific needs of your business.

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