Factors to consider while choosing a toilet seat

The toilet is an integral part of any house or office. Designing and accessorizing the bathroom should be as important as the rest of the building. Choosing and selecting the right toilet seat is thus a very important decision.

There are some factors you need to consider before you choose a toilet seat for your bathroom.

  • Shape of the toilet seat
    The shape of your commode obviously is the most important factor. While round ones are the standard toilet seats, nowadays there are some stylised shapes like elongated-oval and rectangular which look aesthetically appealing and unique. Choose the shape of the toilet seat as you have designed the toilet bowl and bought accordingly.
  • Material of the toilet seat
    The commonly preferred materials are high-impact plastic and plastic-covered wood. In posh residences, they are sometimes of marble or some other stone as well. Select the material you want wisely because that will determine your comfort in everyday use of the toilet. Don’t fall for cheap toilet seats as the material used is of a low quality.
  • Mount type
    You can either have a conventional bolt and nut mount in your toilet seat or an integral one. The latter is very appealing at first, but they are difficult to remove as the nuts are drilled in and so have to be drilled out in case of removal. Traditional ones are much easier to install and remove in compared to its modern counterpart.
  • Color of the seat
    This has much to do with aesthetics and the looks of the bathroom rather than necessity. You can match the color of the toilet seat with the bowl or with the color theme of the bathroom itself. Usually, they are in sync, so it should not be much of a problem.
  • Padding of the seat
    You can opt for a soft padding for your toilet seat for enhanced comfort or if you are recovering from surgery or childbirth. Some people find it difficult to use hard-based toilet seats and some people simply do it for luxury. Either way, it is a good investment to make.

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