Essential features of the best vehicle tracking device

Whether you want a tracking device for your car or fleet, there are several options to choose from. You may find basic tracking systems to high-end devices that easily integrate with your existing systems.

How do you then choose from this large variety? Here are seven essential features you must look for in the tracking system.

  • Real-time tracking

A GPS real-time tracking system is important to monitor the vehicle movement. It shows the location and speed in case of movement. You may group and manage multiple vehicles with a simple interface.

  • Trip history

Trip history is graphically charted to show information such as kilometers traveled, average speed, idling, stoppages, and engine times. Some of the best vehicle tracking devices allow you to replay the entire trip.

  • Alerts

You must receive alerts such as the start of the day, excessive stoppages, route deviation, and over speeding. This allows you to track driver behavior to optimize fuel efficiency and productivity. You may set-up alerts based on the vehicle GPS tracking system as per your personal or business needs.

  • 24×7 access

It is important to have constant access and information at your fingertips. You must install a system that may be accessed from your smartphone or through the Web. This is beneficial if you install a car tracking system in your chauffeur-driven vehicle carrying your children.

  • Simple user interface

A simple user interface (UI) offers features without the need for multiple accounts. In addition, extras like real-time data, group access, and bird’s eye view of the entire fleet must be available in the chosen GPS vehicle tracking system.

  • Access control

You must be able to add or modify users as per your requirement. Moreover, you should be able to provide access control and management to each user depending on their profile and roles. This allows you to track vehicles for a fleet while seeing group-wise reports.

  • Easy installation

Finally, you need to find a vehicle tracking unit that is easy to install and simple to maintain. You must opt for a small device that may be easily installed in discrete places like below the dashboard.

To find the best device, you may refer to GPS vehicle tracking reviews offered by users to make an informed decision.

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