Easy tips to clean your brushed nickel bathroom accessories

Brushed nickel bathroom accessories are a type of bath fittings that are given a special texture that is matted and has a demure shine.

The matte texture is provided through an application of sanding—This gives a special finish to the bathroom fittings that have a period and an antique look. However, their functions remain to be of the contemporary times and age.

The etch marks on the surface of these brushed nickel bathroom accessories give them a regal old jewelry finish, which is much glamorous and classy to look at. These brushed nickel bathroom accessories can actually change the way your bathroom looks.

Their cleaning and maintenance, however, happens to be very important. This is how you can retain their classy demure luster for a longer span and also help to maintain their functionality for a longer duration. Let’s see the various ways the cleaning of these brushed nickel bathroom accessories can be done in an effective manner.

Tips to clean the brushed nickel bathroom accessories well
In the ordinary sense, these brushed nickel bathroom accessories can be cleaned just the way any other type of bathroom fitting can be cleaned. However, due to the special texture of these bathroom fittings, certain different techniques need to be specified so that better results can be attained.
– It is advisable that you wipe the fixtures with a clean soft and damp cloth on a regular basis.
– You can also spray cotton swab with a hard surface cleaner such as glass cleaner so that the areas that are hard to reach can be cleaned in an effective manner.
– Once you are done with using the bathroom, you should rub the brushed nickel bathroom accessories thoroughly to remove the unwanted moisture. You must rub it vigorously to get back the dull matted shine of the fittings.
– You can also use a paste of wax every four weeks. Leave it for a while and then rub the surface with a dry clean soft cloth. Keep the motions circular and vigorous to get that perfect demure shine of the brushed nickel texture.
– Spray a solution of water and white vinegar on the brushed nickel bathroom accessories and then rinse and rub dry, so that all the water stains can be removed effectively.

Remember to not use hard surface scrubbers or alcoholic cleaners, which can affect the demure shine of the finished brushed nickel bathroom accessories.

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