Companies offering the best life insurance quotes for seniors

Choosing a life insurance plan is one of the most important choices an individual has to make. Several companies offer life insurance, and by getting a life insurance quote, seniors can decide which company suits their budget.

What is a life insurance quote?
Quite simply, it refers to the estimated cost of the policy that an individual is about to bear. It is calculated on the basis of the information provided by the individuals, which usually includes their age, gender, family history, and whether they use tobacco. Through a life insurance quote, seniors can get details on the conditions under which their beneficiaries can claim insurance. It also specifies whether the policy is applicable for a lifetime or a specified term.

The best companies for life insurance, seniors can choose from
Some companies offer life insurance quotes for seniors even in the absence of certain information. Some of these companies are as follows:

The Haven – To get this company’s life insurance quote, seniors do not require to take a medical examination. However, the company only offers term life insurance. This means that the policy is valid only for a fixed period of time.

Banner – This company specializes in offering term and universal life insurance policies that have been rated well by a number of analysts. Life insurance quote for a period of 20 years is likely to be around $64.

Prudential – People who chew tobacco need not despair as there is a company that caters especially to them. At Prudential, people who chew tobacco are not placed in the same category as smokers. They also offer permanent as well as term coverage.

Other life insurance companies that have several beneficial policies for seniors include MetLife, Transamerica, Genworth Financial, and much more. When choosing a scheme one is thus spoilt for choice. After getting a life insurance quote, seniors must choose wisely based on what works best for them.

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