Chrysler Pacifica – A boon for the disabled

This wheelchair accessible car shall be a boon to the people with disabilities. BraunAbility has been dealing with the van conversions for a long time, and Pacifica has outnumbered other minivans in terms of the largest ramp and the side opening ever seen.

It is also flattered with compliments stating that it’s the most comfortably equipped wheelchair accessible van viewed on the road. It provides the user with a lot of space.A mobility credit of about a thousand dollars is granted to all users planning to buy a new BraunAbility Pacifica.

The beautiful design of this wheelchair van holds power to mesmerize a lot of customers with its features like an 800 lbs ramp capacity, 30 inches wide side-entry-in-floor, the interior floor space is increased by two extra inches due to a new third-row footrest. Front seats can be amazingly interchanged, and the numerous safety and security features make this wheelchair van highly accessible to the needy. Due to the in-floor ramp, the wheelchair gets enough space to be maneuvered around. The wideness of the ramp allows large power chairs to be accommodated and a doorway without obstruction allows the other normal passengers to enter and exit without using the ramp. The exterior of this wheelchair van is more on the lines of comfortable spacing than cramping due to a boxy outer.

The Chrysler has a remote control which makes operating the car easier and even the back hatch door can be opened by the press of a button instead of manually lifting it. Another significant factor of the Chrysler Pacifica is that the ramp can now withstand 1000 pounds! A flip-down footrest increased back storage space and sufficient room for back chair tires with a large turning radius are other commendable factors that make this one of the best wheelchair vans from the rest. The angle of the headrest can be changed according to requirement. If instead of the seat, you are more comfortable driving in your wheelchair, seats have been redesigned such that you can easily jump in or jump out. With the brake engaged and the key fob present in the vehicle, people suffering from arthritis also need not worry. A simple touch of a button works wonders!

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