Buy your favorite cellphone these T-Mobile deals

Looking to switch to a new carrier, but don’t know which one? Just switch to T-Mobile, which is America’s best-unlimited network. T-Mobile delivers the fastest 4G LTE speeds and has doubled up its coverage since 2015.

T-Mobile is offering new cell phone deals for its existing and new customers. The current deals are only available on Samsung, iPhone, and LG devices. Let’s check out the best cell phone deals T-Mobile has to offer.

Now you can buy your favorite latest Samsung Galaxy series smartphone and in return get a Galaxy S8 free. To redeem this offer, you need to buy two Samsung Galaxy series cell phones. However, you will have to trade-in and port-in your existing phone and number. The offer is valid after qualifying for a trade-in and rebate of up to $700.

There is another limited-time offer from T-Mobile. When you buy one Galaxy Note 8, you will be eligible to get $750 on the second Galaxy Note 8. This offer is also valid on S8, S8 Plus, and S8 active.

Who does not love an iPhone? Get the best cell phone deals from T-Mobile for an iPhone. You need to buy an iPhone of your choice to get another free iPhone from T-Mobile. You may purchase any cell phone from iPhone 7 to the latest iPhone X, but you will have to trade-in and port-in. After receiving the new phone, you may transfer the number and trade-in the eligible phone within 20 days of receiving the device.

It is easy to save $150 on new LG smartphones by switching to T-Mobile. Choose any of the eligible LG smartphones like G6, V30, and V30+. After trading your old phone, you may be qualified for a rebate of $150.

With the best cell phone deals from T-mobile, you will save money and get the best coverage. With T-Mobile, stay in touch all the time without losing any calls due to bad network because now, you will never be out of network.

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