Build lean muscles with the best types of protein

Protein is an essential food group that helps in muscle building as well as muscle recovery and repair post a workout. Bodybuilders and athletes require a great intake of quality protein to help with building muscle. Well, there are different types of protein, and each has a specific purpose. Here are some of the best proteins to include in your diet.

Whey concentrate
One of the basic protein types, whey concentrate, is the choice of beginners who have embarked on a muscle building mission. Available as a supplement, whey concentrate can be easily sourced from health and wellness stores. A perfect pre- and post-workout recipe, whey concentrate can be added to your milkshakes as well. If you have poor digestion, you could have trouble digesting whey concentrate and may end up feeling a bit bloated. It’s best to have a whey protein shake during the day.

Hydrolysate protein
Rated as the best quality protein currently available in the market, hydrolysate protein. These contain quickly absorbing peptides which deliver a high anabolic effect. Plus compared to whey concentrate, hydrolysate protein is easy on your digestive system as well. Expensive though, if you’re on the lookout for quality protein, hydrolysate protein is your best bet. Drink it up pre- and post-workout to build and repair muscle.

Casein protein
A protein that has a slow breakdown rate, casein protein takes about 5–7 hours to fully breakdown thus ensuring a continuous supply of protein into the body. Casein protein has high glutamine content, which gives your immune system a boost and helps in speedy recovery.

The best protein to be had before bed, casein protein will keep you in an anabolic state throughout the night, helping the body to utilize the protein to its potential. Intake of casein protein during the day in the form of a shake helps to nurture the muscles, in addition to keeping hunger pangs away.

Others include whey isolates, milk protein isolates, egg albumin, and soy protein. You can choose any of them. Many people switch between the different sources for desired results. Well, the results are not instant. So, it’s best to wait for about a month and see visible results. Pick your choice of protein, and you’re on the way to building solid muscle mass.

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