Blood sugar regulation – A vital component of diabetes management

The process by which the body regulates, or keeps the blood sugar level in the normal range is called blood sugar regulation. A major factor contributing to diabetes is a low insulin level and a high glucagon level. Insulin is responsible for lowering the blood sugar level, glucagon, on the other hand, peaks up the same. Maintaining a proper balance between the two is referred to as blood sugar regulation.

One of the prime catalysts for the diagnosis of diabetes is our lifestyle. The food that we consume, the physical activities that we perform, the body’s innate metabolism, all play a role in the overall diabetes management. With a blood sugar monitor, it’s possible to keep a track of the sugar level in the blood, and with the proper care and precautions, it is possible to boost the diabetes management process.

The timely treatment of diabetes is really important. If left untreated, serious complications like kidney damage, nerve damage, cardiovascular diseases and Alzheimer’s may arise. Given the dangerous outcomes of these complications, isn’t it better to cut their roots in the budding stage itself? A blood sugar monitor obviates all such complexities, thereby helping you live in a healthy mind and body.

For proper blood sugar maintenance, it is recommended that you stay away from foods with high carbohydrate content because ultimately, the starch in such foods is converted into glucose. Since glucose is directly absorbed into the bloodstream, the chances of getting diabetes increase significantly. Also, you should say no to oily, sugary food. Regular exercising is a must, and to boost up the metabolism of the body, make it a point to consume green leafy vegetables, fruits, protein-rich items like nuts, and good fat foods like avocado, fish, flaxseeds, and eggs.

With a proper level of insulin in the body, the glucose from the blood is channeled into the cells. This reduces the quantity of blood sugar and improves the overall health. With a little care and with the aid of a blood sugar monitor, diabetes management becomes a simplified process. After all, prevention is better than cure, isn’t it?

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