Best retirement planning worksheets available in the market today

While retirement is a time that evokes a mixed response from many, retirement planning has more of an unequivocal feeling about it. While countless considerations are to be taken care of, nobody is able to figure out the exact answer to this age-old quandary: How much is enough? The expenses that cost a particular amount today would escalate further in future, but knowing how much the rate of inflation would be in the future could just be a guess. In order to solve these queries, you can avail an amazing retirement planning worksheet that would suit your needs best.

  • The Flexible Retirement Planner
    Offering a free version of their spreadsheet-based retirement planning tool, The Flexible Retirement Planner is a retirement planning worksheet that takes basic inputs such as your current age, your retirement age, total amounts saved in tax deferred, taxable and tax-free accounts, estimated rate of return on savings, tax rate, and annual contribution toward savings. Taking all the above into account, it runs various simulations to account for differing investment outcomes and calculates your probability of achieving success.
  • Simple Planning
    Staying true to its name, Simple Planning provides an impetus toward smart tax savings that can have a huge bearing on tax filings post retirement. With the Detailed Tax Calculator, one of its flagship features, this retirement planning worksheet helps people plan for their retired life to project a complete tax return.
  • Financial Architects
    A wealth management firm that makes many of its spreadsheets available for free on their ruminations page, they have a plethora of retirement planning worksheets. Sorted by subjects, there is a specific type of retirement planning worksheet for every major type of retiree such as One-Person Social Security Breakeven Spreadsheet and the Pension Option Analysis Spreadsheet among many others.

While there are many different retirement planning worksheets available, you will need a good knowledge of Excel to use these tools.

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