Benefits of using a diabetes test kit

The benefits of using a diabetes test kit are:

Daily monitoring: Controlled or erratic sugar level patterns are identified.
Cost effective: Diabetes test kits can be used numerous times at home as compared to frequently visiting the laboratory for tests which can be expensive.
Insulin or OHA dose regulation: The insulin dosage or OHA agent can be regulated or adjusted by the doctor and a separate copy could be used to identify patterns during the day.
Early detection: Immediate detection of the conditions of hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia by symptoms like cold and clammy skin, change in the level of consciousness, or change in behavior.
Empowerment: Gives the patient his own independence to take charge and monitor his own condition at home. Usually, the cause of suffering is the sole dependence on the doctor. But the diabetes test kit at home becomes helpful in measuring blood sugar level.

Diabetes test kits can be suggested by health care professionals for guidance:
Glucometer: The blood sugar level obtains a numerical value with the help of this quantitative test. Strips, a lancet, and a reading meter are usually present in the kit. Pricking a finger with the help of the lancet is how a blood sample is obtained. The blood after being placed on the strip enters the meter and the blood glucose reading of the individual is displayed.

Urine test kit: When the kidney’s filtration system becomes dysfunctional, glucose is passed through urine and this test uses urine as its medium for measuring blood sugar levels. The urine taken for testing should be after a gap of at least 30 minutes or more after the first urination and on an empty stomach. The patient is made to urinate on the strip and a color change is awaited. If the result stands positive, then a color change is observed. If it remains the same, then the result is negative.

Ketone test: This test is to measure a number of ketones present in the urine. If the test for ketones is positive, instead of glucose, fat is being used as a source of energy by the body. Diabetic patients with increased sugar levels should check for urine ketones and the process of testing is similar.

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