Avoid these mistakes when using a travel rewards credit card

You know nowadays traveling with travel rewards credit cards is much better than traveling with cash. No chances of any fraud and if a credit card is stolen or lost and losses are minimized up to the maximum extent. Some mistakes that are likely to happen and one should watch out for are as follows.

Unused benefits
This is the first thing on which travel rewards credit cards holder should focus on. Many people are not aware of their card benefits like car rentals, lost baggage, and delays in trips etc.

Letting your card points expire
Travel rewards credit cards are mainly for their reward points and this is the most common mistake through which reward points are expired.

Overspending to earn rewards
Most of the people spend too much to earn reward points, resulting in unnecessary purchases and unworthy benefits.

Using old category cards
Travel Rewards credit cards reward based on different section. Like you get more rewards on gas stations, supermarkets etc. It is easy to use the same card for all purchases but does not benefit.

Using travel cards that charge foreign transaction fees
Many travel credit cards come up with foreign transaction charges that are usually very high. You should use a credit card during your international travel that doesn’t charge foreign transaction fees.

No access to credit card customer service numbers
Almost on every credit card, their customer care numbers are mentioned. Keep that number separately on your phone or somewhere else. In case your credit card stolen or lost, you can call customer care to protect you against any fraudulent activity and liability.

This is a known fact that you will get lots of rewards and offers while using travel cards. However, one needs to understand the tricks of the trade. Choose cards only after reading all terms & conditions. Be careful of hidden charges.

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