Audi Q7 – Prices and specifications

The luxury Audi Q7, the 2018 rollout, is a package that brings together the usual classiness and a pinch of the working individual’s car. Sporting a powerful engine and the best quality interior, the best part about the Audi Q7 is the convertible seating options. Ever since its release in 2017, the Q7 has been turning quite a few heads, but with the upgraded 2018 model of Audi Q7 priced at around $49,900, it is sure to become one of the kings of luxury crossover SUVs.

Technical specifications
The 2018 model of Audi Q7 allows you to choose between two different engines. The 2.0 model comes with a turbocharged 4 cylinder engine while the 3.0 sports a supercharged V6 engine. The 2.0 engine is quite enough horsepower to drive this SUV but if you are in for an adventure, it is the 3.0 model that you seek. Both the engines deliver a solid 19 mpg in the city, easily one of the best in its class.

The 2018 Audi Q7 provides all the luxury available in this class. Highly refined interior designs, the latest gadgets, and spacious and comfortable seats are only some of its top features. The best part about the Audi Q7 that sets it apart from its contenders is the way its seats are designed. This SUV can go from a 7 seater to a 3 seater in no time thereby allowing you to mold the car into your ever-changing daily needs.

Pricing and models
The 2018 Q7 has been rolled out with three different trims. The Audi Q7 premium, which is the basic trim, comes with all the necessary luxuries at the price of around $49,900. While the Audi Q7 Premium Plus is priced at around $60,400 which is fitted with a Bose surround sound system, a larger screen, and rear cross-traffic alert. Finally, we have the Audi Q7 Prestige which is one of the best luxury SUVs. It comes with a virtual cockpit, a 360 camera, and is only available with a V6 engine, unlike the other two models. The Audi Q7 Prestige is available for around $65,400 and is definitely a prestige amongst automobiles.

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