Applying for cleaning jobs? Here’s what you should know

Applying for jobs can be a tedious and challenging process. With thousands of applicants who are just as good as you claim to be, you have to ensure that your resume stands out. This fact is applicable for cleaning jobs as well.

Since potential employers will only pick out the top three to be considered for an interview, here is what you must keep in mind when applying for cleaning jobs:

Sources for job search: Online portals and popular websites like and have made it very easy to search and apply for cleaning jobs. But your search will be even more productive if you use the advanced search options to filter out the best prospects. Keep in mind that applying for every cleaning job listed to increase your chances is not a good idea. Choose your specification, take into accounts the skills you possess, and mainly consider what type of cleaning jobs are you comfortable doing.

Draft your updated resume: Your resume speaks for you, which is why preparing a professional-quality resume will increase your chances of getting hired for domestic or commercial cleaning jobs. The resume should not only be concise but also include all relevant information any potential employer would look for before talking terms. Even homeowners, in particular, while interviewing candidates will want to learn about your previous cleaning jobs, your skills, and your references. Always bear in mind that your resume should be updated in descending order, listing your previous job and qualification first.

The offer and interview: You application may receive multiple job offers, which is where you can make up your mind as to which offer suits your purpose and requirements. The interview process is where the employer personally wants to know more about who the applicant is, which is why you have to be yourself. Your resume will highlight the skills you possess for the job to be done; however, your interview will determine your attitude and capability to handle the said job. For cleaning jobs, the main factors that matter are attention to detail, ability to work individually and as part of a team, and customers service skills. This will help you convince your potential employer that you are the best for the job.

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