All you need to know about rollators

A walker with either three or foul wheel attached to it is referred as rollators or wheeled walkers. The standard walker could slow down the elderly and can also be difficult to use. Rollators, on the other hand, makes getting around far easier, as the elderly only have to push instead of having to lift the unit. It is always wise to save money and get the best possible model available in the market instead of buying an inexpensive one. A good model of the rollator is indeed a great investment for the elderly. This ensures that their mobility increases which directly contributes to their mental, emotional and physical health. Before buying a rollator, however, ensure that the following points are kept in mind.

Weight of rollator – Although it has fancy wheels, it doesn’t mean the elderly can’t just pick the ones they like. Lightweight models certainly increase the time one stays on foot and thereby reduces recovery time. Research on the weight of the model that you are likely to buy.

Weight of the person – This is extremely important! Every model has a weight capacity that it can carry. Give a buffer of 15 lbs or so and ensure to buy a model that can hold your weight plus the buffer. While recovery should always be kept in mind, it would be prudent to buy something that would cater in the longer run.

Measurement of the rollator – Many make mistake when it comes to the measurement of the unit. They end up buying rollators that cannot even fit within their doorways. Do yourself a favor by checking every single door’s width before you finalize the model. This exercise will only increase the mobility of the elderly even better.

Other accessories – Will the elderly need a set (cushion) or no? Would you want a 3-wheel option or 4-wheel option? If you prefer the one with cushion, you can straight away eliminate the three-wheeled option. It is also good to note that four-wheel models are far more stable than three wheeled ones.

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