All you need to know about Medicare plans for seniors

Medicare is a federal health insurance program for seniors (people aged 65 years and above), young individuals with disabilities, or people with an end-stage renal disease. Medicare programs cover plans and costs for these individuals.

In the United States, Medicare plans for seniors are divided into four parts; Medicare Plan A and B and Medicare Plan C and D. Medicare plans A and B refer to Original Medicare plans. These cover:

Medicare Plan A:

  • Hospital insurance and medical insurance
  • You can select from your own choice of doctors, hospitals, and medical care providers
  • Seniors can save money if they have low income
  • Helps pay for inpatient hospital care, nursing facilities, hospice care and health care

Medicare Plan B:

  • Covers outpatient hospital care
  • Helps pay for the doctors
  • Helps pay for costs which Medicare Plan A does not cover
  • Pays for occupation therapy and physical therapy

Medicare Plan C includes both hospital insurance and medical insurance. Private insurance companies approved by Medicare provide services to individuals under this Medicare plan for seniors.

Medicare Plan C:

  • Healthcare organizations, HMOs and PPOs provide services and health insurance plans to Medicare beneficiaries
  • Offers additional benefits, such as dental and vision care
  • Offers lesser benefits as compared to Medicare Plan A and B
  • Limits the patient’s choice of doctors and hospitals (in order to control costs)

Medicare Plan D:

  • Provides prescription drug benefits
  • People need to pay extra premium every month to cover the costs of prescription drug benefits
  • Private insurance companies pay for Medicare Plan D benefits

Most seniors in the United States are covered under the Original Medicare plan once they are eligible. While they have to pay some additional amount for Plans B and D, these amounts are deductibles and coinsurance.

Medicare plans for seniors are extremely important and every senior must have some kind of Medicare plan for their health care.

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