All you need to know about grabber tools

Have you ever felt a stabbing pain in the back when you bend down to pick something? Or that jab in the knee when you stretched out to reach for the new coffee mug you tossed in the top shelf? If your answer is yes to those questions, then it is time for you to acquire a grabber tool. A grabber or a reacher is an extremely simple but useful device, especially for elders.

This mechanical gadget, the grabber tool, that helps pick things that are out of reach, can hold tiny coins that hardly weigh anything and also items that weigh up to 20 lb. Made of metal or plastic, the grabber tool is durable, rust resistant, and is a long lasting gadget that is a boon for elders with dexterity or mobility issues or arthritis, and also for active elders who need help with picking things off the ground or grabbing things from inaccessible places in high cupboards.

Depending on what the grabber tool is used for, the choices are many. With a handle on one end and a pair of jaws, magnets or suction cups at the other end, grabber tools ably grab things, and some also have a secondary trigger that locks the jaws at the bottom in place around the objects they pick. This is especially useful for elderly people who do not have to constantly put pressure on the handle while picking the objects of choice.

Made for use inside or outside the house, grabber tools can be short or extended too, to reach distant objects, are equipped with rotating jaws that can turn 90 degrees. Whether it is to pick coins, balls, trash, cups or phones, this simple contraption has a good grip and a handle that can be maneuvered deftly to open and close the jaws or fangs of the grabber tool. The struggle to get things you need without much effort is easy now. All you need to do is get your hands on one of the many types of grabber tools available in pharmacies or retail stores for as little as $20.

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