Advantages of spinal cord stimulation surgery

Treating chronic back pain, neck pain and spinal cord related problems can be a challenging task. If all your previous attempts to cure these issues have been fruitless, then you should consider the option of spinal cord stimulation surgery.

A spinal cord stimulator helps in the long-term treatment of pain in the abdominal, back, neck and spinal cord. According to the latest developments in medical literature, about 50-70% of the pain is obviated post the surgical implementation of the device.

Doctors the world over have recognized the merits of spinal cord stimulation surgery. Given below are a few of these:

Flexible and adjustable pain relief remedy
Because the intensity of pain felt differs from patient to patient, adjusting the flow of the electric signals becomes mandatory. The simple hand-hand remote control system helps in the easy manipulation of the electron flow.

Minimal invasions needed
There is only one incision needed to implant a spinal cord stimulator. The lead electrodes are placed in the spinal cord with a hollow needle, and there are very few side-effects reported post the surgery.

Focused and efficient alternative to cure pain
Because other treatments affect the entire body leading to drowsiness, nausea or constipation, spinal cord stimulation targets only that part of the body where the pain is felt, thus avoiding any other complications.

No renewal required
A non-chargeable battery lasts easily between two to five years and a chargeable one around eight to ten years. This means you need not make frequent trips to the neurologist for getting the batteries replaced.

Cost-effective option against oral medication
Research has proven that getting a spinal cord stimulator implanted in the spinal cord requires lesser money than getting the chronic problems treated surgically. Since there is no need to take any additional oral medication, the side-effects are minimized.

Safe and a reversible process
Over 80% of the people getting spinal cord stimulation surgery have reported far less pain as compared to the pre-surgery period. Also since the process is reversible, you can remove the generator in case the device causes you future discomfort.

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