Advantages of call tracking software

In today’s business scenario, knowing your customer is just as important as having a great product. Not only do businesses need to reach the right customer, they also need to reach as many potential customers as possible. A successful marketing campaign can go a long way in ensuring the success of a business. A marketing campaign uses different channels like newspaper ads, Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, and advertising on billboards and buses. In order to make the best use of your marketing budget, it is important to identify which channel gives you the most leads.

Most businesses have a listed phone number that is put up on their website, advertisements, and flyers. Customers call the number after coming across it on one of these sources. The problem is, businesses would not know which marketing methods are generating these calls.

Fortunately, a simple solution helps resolve this issue — Call tracking software.

How does call tracking software work?
It is simple. You create and track a different telephone number for each of your marketing channels. Such software keeps track of the number of calls you receive. Here are three benefits of these software programs.

Determine efficient marketing mix
This helps you get a clear picture of which channels are working for you and which are not. This helps you calculate the actual return on investment for different marketing channels. That way, you may tweak your marketing mix so that the most effective channels are allotted an adequate proportion of resources.

Record calls
Call tracking allows you to record calls, which can be a very helpful customer service tool for any business. You may find out the most common issues faced by customers or what products they prefer. Call tracking helps you plan ahead by recording the peak calling hours.

Track important data
Call tracking software provides helpful data points like call duration, frequency, repeat callers, and demographics. This information can be accessed anytime by the marketer to make quick decisions about your advertising budget. The geographical location of callers can be tracked too, making it possible to increase marketing efforts in areas where a large group of potential customers resides.

This technology is a game changer for all businesses that want to expand their customer base by gathering relevant and accurate information about them.

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