Additions made to the 2013 Honda Accord

The 2013 Honda Accord is the ninth generation of this car and with the 2013 Honda Accord stock photos, we can see a lot of prominent changes have been made to the Accord line of cars. Family cars have received a massive purchase push in the recent times and the new Honda Accord is definitely one of the best in the category. In this article, we give you a rundown of the additions made to the classic Honda Accord as per the latest 2013 Honda Accord stock photos.

The style
First, the look has been made much classier than before. Thin LED headlights leading up to a two-slat position with daytime running and the smaller size has been improved considering the previous models. This five-seater comes with ample head and leg space that should be perfect for an adult. The interiors have also been given a total makeover with chrome door pulls and stitched door panels. The only drawback seems to be the trunk of the car which, as per latest 2013 Honda Accord stock photos, has reduced in size.

The drive
The Honda Accord sports a V6 engine with a 278-horsepower engine that packs a serious punch. The best part is that this engine is fitted with a fuel saver technology so unless you really press down on the gas pedal, this car will not go into its full mode. It provides a 21/34 mpg in the city/highway terrain. The hydraulic steering has been replaced with electric power assist, so you don’t need to put your muscle into steering this car anymore.

Judging by the latest 2013 Honda Accord stock photos, the 2013 9th generation Honda Accord will provide the best automobile experience for any family man with its spacious features and great fuel saving technology. It’s easily one of the best sub SUVs in the market and comes with great deals on its prices. Honda is also set to release an electric version of the Accord soon so if you are looking for an even cheaper and environment-friendly option, it’s coming your way soon.

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