A list of the different types of retirement plans

Retirement plans contribute to being an excellent option for planning the future. It is recognized to be an amazing way to offer a stream of income as you retire or stop working owing to different reasons. IRA is considered to be an individual retirement account. These plans are also available for self-employed individuals. It is one of the prominent retirement plans that comes with a wide array of benefits of retirement savings.

Here is a list of the top IRA retirement plans which offer a bunch of advantages:

Traditional IRAs
They are held at brokerage firms and banks. It is the most common IRA plan which is prominent in the United States. This kind of IRA takes some of the requirements into account which are inclusive of filing status, income in addition to other accessible retirement plans.

Roth IRA
Roth IRA is considered to be one of the well renowned IRA retirement plans. These plans are known for investing in mutual funds, common stocks, and securities. The contributions are done from the income of the individual post-tax deduction, owing to which no tax is deduced. This type of IRA retirement plan is Federal tax-free as you accomplish the withdrawals.

This IRA plan is not tax-deductible, whereas a traditional IRA plan is. With traditional IRA, penalties are included for earlier withdrawals of earnings which cannot qualify under the withdrawal guidelines of the plan. You need to pay the penalty in the form of Federal income tax. You need to pay an additional penalty of 10% if you withdraw at any early stage.

The basic IRA retirement plan is offered by the employer in the United States. It comes in a wide variety of forms and is known as a 401k plan. There are 403b and profit sharing plans as well. This is considered to be a simple plan as it plays an indispensable role in the reduction of cost of administration procedures.

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