A brief overview of wheeled commodes

The main purpose of a commode is to provide an alternative to using the toilet to people who cannot get to a bathroom or for those of them who cannot sit on a toilet. Some of the wheeled commodes are as a showering device used by people who need a seat in the shower stall as they can be rolled in and out of the quite easily. Commodes are available in two basic types—standard commodes and wheeled commodes. These two types have a variety of options and features to make toileting and showering easier for both the user and the caregiver.

Standard commodes do not have wheels and are hence place at one particular place and left there. Wheeled commodes as the name suggests have wheels so that they can be moved around with ease and they also come with a footrest. This commode is used to transport the user to and from the washroom, and it can also be brought to the user whenever needed. The wheeled commodes are very convenient as they can be stored out of the way when not in use. The wheels are swivel casters of various sizes from 3 inches to 8 inches to allow the commode to get into and maneuver around small places. Let’s take a glimpse at the types of wheeled commodes available in the market today:

Glide about wheeled commode: This is an attendant controlled wheeled commode chair ideal for use at homes, senior residential, or hospital environments. As it is made with a strong and robust frame, it is comfortable as well as durable.
Drop arm wheeled commode: This is a very well made commode that has been designed with removable arms to facilitate easier and stress-free transfer for both the user and the attendant.
Cooper’s wheeled commode: This is a high quality yet affordable wheeled commode that has a steel frame for excellent user support. It is versatile and practical because of its lightweight design and flexible features. The seat and back pads are both made of plastic that makes it easier to clean.

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