A brief overview of the different types of walking aids available

Immobility is a problem that often occurs among the aged and elderly. Additionally, immobility problems can occur to people who have met with an accident or if they have arthritic disablements.

In such situations, you can avail the different types of walking aids for the elderly. These walking aids come in the different styles and designs that meet the requirements of different types of patients.

You can get these canes and walking sticks for seniors from a large variety of brands that are available in traditional outlets and over online portals.

The types of canes and walking sticks available in the market:
The market today is flooded with different mobility tools that can be used as walking aids for elderly such as:
– Wheelchairs
– Transport chairs
– Walker trays
– Rollators
– Wheel carts
– Canes
– Walking Crutches
– Tripods
– Quadrupeds
– Walking canes with wrist support.

Amongst the above-mentioned walking aids for the elderly, canes and crutches are the traditional forms of walking aids for the aged. These canes and walking sticks come in different styles—Their grips and handles and body carvings are intricate, and they come in wide varieties. These walking canes also constitute to be a part of Victorian-era costumes and were used as status symbols.

Transport chairs and the wheelchairs are similar in designs, and they help a great deal in offering independent mobility. However, transport chairs are walking aids for elderly that require a constant companion.

Walker trays and the rollators are again similar in design. Rollators have a provision that lets you sit down when you get tired after walking for a while.

Most of these walking aids for the elderly that are designed currently are foldable and lightweight. This helps you to carry them to different places and also store them easily when not in use.

However, be sure to buy simple walking aids for elderly so that they can handle them on their own. Repairing such models is comparatively easier.

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