A brief overview of sock pullers for seniors

A sock puller is a dressing aid for the elderly and disabled. Generally called a sock aid, these devices help a person pull on their socks even if their mobility is restricted.

The usefulness of sock pullers
Sock aids are useful devices when one is aged and have lost flexibility in your arms and legs. They are useful for disabled people and also for those who have had a hip replacement or other similar surgery which prevents them from bending over.

How do they work?
Sock aids are simple devices. They have a curved shell or base which can slide over your feet. The sides of the shell are attached to a pair of cords with handles. You hold the sock puller between your knees and stretch the sock over the base. Then you lower it down using the cords and slide your foot into it. You then pull up the cords and the sock stretched over the shell slides up your foot and up your legs. Once the sock is pulled up to full length, the sock puller base slides out. You repeat the process for the other foot.

Some of the good sock aids in the market
You have a good choice of sock aids to choose from depending on your needs.
The Royal Medical Solutions Sock Aid: The RMS sock puller comes with foam handles and a flexible plastic shell. The padding on the shell is slip resistant. You can cut the cord to the length you need and attach it to the shell. The foam handles and the padded shell make using this sock aid more comfortable.
The Wright Stuff Easy On/Easy Off Sock Aid Kit: This sock aid does not come with cords and handles. It has a plastic shell mounted onto a raised stand. You slide the sock over the shell, put it down on the floor. You then place your foot on it and slide your foot down the inclined shell, pulling the sock on. This works ideally for ankle length socks. This sock aid kit also includes a pronged stick which helps you grab on and pull up the shell, to use it with the other sock. This stick also helps you easily slide the sock off your foot without bending.
EVA Medical EZ TUG Sock Aid with Foam Grip: This sock aid features a sturdy molded plastic shell with padding for a smooth glide over the foot. The slip-resistant foam handle offers a good grip. Place the sock over the shell, let it down using the cord, slide your foot inside, and then tug on the rope to pull the sock up your foot.

For older and disabled people, their dependency on others can be an issue and many hesitate to ask for help while trying to complete difficult tasks. Dressing aids like sock pullers can help them retain their independence and accomplish tasks like pulling on their socks without straining or injuring themselves.

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