A brief overview of patellar tendon straps

A patellar tendon is a strong band of fibrous connective tissues made of collagen that connects the muscles to the bones. Its connection extends from the thigh, goes down the knees, and links with the shin bone. This tendon is capable of withstanding enormous tension and is used extensively while we walk, run, kick, or just about bend or twist the knee every day in various positions.

Patellar tendon straps are simple elastic bands that support and secure the patellar tendon. With the excessive and frequent use of the knees and legs, like in the case of sportspersons, dancers, or the elderly because of the increased wear and tear of the patellar tendon, their knees are strained by patellar tendonitis. Jumper’s knee, as it is also known, is an injury that causes pain, inflammation, and rigidity in the knees, thus restricting the movement of the individual affected by it. Patellar tendon straps come to the rescue in treating these symptoms caused in the knee to some extent.

Patellar tendon straps bolster the knee joint by compressing the area surrounding the kneecap by targeting either both the quadriceps muscles and the patellar tendon or just the tendon itself. Some of the most researched patellar tendon straps that are available for easy purchase online or at physical stores are the following: The McDavid band, Mueller Max band, Abco tech band, and the No limit sports strap. Most of these are lightweight, adjustable to the required size, available in different colors, are made of high-quality materials that breathe, and are conveniently washable.

Patellar tendon straps do take the load off the knee/s and help in alleviating pain caused by patellar tendonitis, tendon tears, pre-patellar bursitis, and other injuries. But for long-term benefit, remember to consult a physician if the pain prolongs and ensure there is adequate rest for the affected area and then follow up with exercises that focus on strengthening the knee.

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