A brief overview of feminine hygiene products

Feminine hygiene products are personal care products designed especially for women and are commonly used for keeping the vagina and the vulva regions clean. While menstruating women are the most common consumers of feminine hygiene products, there are a number of feminine hygiene products available in the US for elderly women as well.

What is a feminine wash or a hygiene wash?
A feminine wash is an anti-bacterial wash that can be used to keep the regions of the vagina and vulva clean. Most feminine washes have a neutral PH value so that their use does not irritate the sensitive skin of the vulva and vaginal regions. A small amount of the hygiene wash may be applied around the external genitalia and then washed off when showering.

Are feminine hygiene products safe to use?
There is currently a significant debate about the safety of feminine hygiene products. There are concerns expressed by various researchers and women’s health groups about the carcinogenic properties of chemicals that are used in feminine hygiene products like sanitary napkins, panty liners, and incontinence pads. Also, there is some concern about the chemicals that are used in hygiene washes to create a pleasant fragrance. There is not sufficient research-backed evidence yet on how the use of such chemicals and dyes affect the mucus lining of the vagina and how they impact vaginal health and hygiene.

What are the commonly used hygiene products for the elderly?
Senior women may opt for products such as incontinence cleansing wipes, barrier incontinence wipes, no rinse shampoo cloths; and adult care wipes. However, there are a number of unisex hygiene products such as long-handled brushes, no-rinse shampoo caps, reusable, disposable bed pads with a waterproof lining, and personal hygiene long reach wiper that can ease the lives of the elderly and help them to maintain high standards of hygiene.

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