A brief overview of blood pressure levels

The heart pumps blood all over the body to provide it with oxygen and energy. As the blood flows, it pushes against the walls of the blood vessels. This force is known as the blood pressure. It is very important to maintain correct blood pressure levels of the body to remain healthy.

What is the normal blood pressure level?
Blood pressure readings comprise two specific figures, the first is the systolic pressure, and the second is the diastolic pressure. The normal blood pressure reading is 120/80 mmHg. You can buy blood pressure monitors to get accurate readings.

What are blood pressure monitors?
Blood pressure monitors enable you to keep a record of your blood pressure levels conveniently. Your doctors may perform blood pressure tests to check your reading through a blood pressure monitor. You can also buy blood pressure monitors for yourself to keep track of your blood pressure at home.

Types of blood pressure monitors
Manual monitors: These monitors comprise an arm cuff, a stethoscope, and a squeeze bulb for inflating the arm cuff.
Automatic monitors: These are digital monitors that contain an arm cuff and a microphone. The cuff starts inflating automatically to give the reading when the start button is pressed.
Ambulatory monitors: Ambulatory blood pressure monitors can be worn throughout the day, and they give the readings automatically.

What causes high blood pressure?
Due to high blood pressure, extra force is exerted on the arteries which might lead to strokes and heart attacks. The following reasons are responsible for causing high blood pressure:
– Obesity
– Sleep apnea
– Stress
– Smoking
– Less physical activity
– Genetics
– Kidney diseases
– Thyroid or adrenal problems
– Consumption of alcohol
– Consumption of salty food

What causes low blood pressure?
Low blood pressure causes lightheadedness, fainting, and dizziness. Here are the reasons for low blood pressure:
– Inflammation in the organs
– Dehydration
– Bleeding
– Pregnancy
– Liver diseases
– Diabetes or hypoglycemia
– Wrong medication
– Heart failure
– Heat stroke or exhaustion
– Hypothyroidism
– Heart arrhythmias
– Expansion of the blood vessels

You can buy blood pressure monitors to keep a check on your blood pressure level and live a healthy life.

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