A brief insight on the features of the Dodge Durango

The Dodge Durango has been ranked as one of the finest SUVs of 2017. Dodge Durango sales have soared in recent times, owing to its great features and amazing performance. The Dodge Durango boasts of a 475 hp engine which delivers an impressive performance of 60 mph in 4.4 seconds. The driver-friendly features ensure that the beast of a vehicle is easy to drive as well.

The eight-speed automatic
Dodge Durango sale reviews reveal that the eight-speed automatic is one of the most loved features of the vehicle. This feature distributes the power to all the four wheels of the vehicle through a standard all-wheel driving system. It sends as much as 70 percent torque to the Durango’s rear wheels. Needless to say, this ensures a power-packed performance on all kinds of terrains.

Agile, smooth, and comfortable
The suspension of the Dodge Durango is perfectly bolstered by the adaptive dampers by Bilstein, stiffer front and rear springs, and anti-roll rear bars. This feature provides agility to the vehicle and a comfortable and smooth ride on the track. The significant body roll amount certainly makes itself felt during turn-in. But it is easily controlled and linear and definitely will not take you off the line all by itself.

Visual finesse
The soaring Dodge Durango sales also suggest that the vehicle is widely appreciated for its visual finesse. The Durango stands apart from the rest of the range. The aggressive and sturdy front fascia which also comprises of a functional and effective hood scoop, huge circular exhausts at the revised rear end, uniquely designed wheels, and smart badges.

Good capacity and interiors
The interiors of the Dodge Durango are well thought out. The seats are comfortable and the capacity is impressive. The car can accommodate your entire family, as it can take up to six passengers. This is the perfect vehicle for family outings and long distance rides, even on difficult terrains.

Check out more specifications on the catalogs available on the company’s official website. Keep track of Dodge Durango sales in order to avail the best offers. Do a test drive before making your purchase.

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