A brief guide on what is spinal fusion

Typically known as a “welding” process, the term spinal fusion is used for the surgeries that are done for certain small bone complications. Spinal fusion relieves the patient as it fuses the bones to make one single and strong bone.

Spinal fusion is not a complex surgery but a tricky one. Also, patients, before and after the surgery, need to be very careful and alert about his or her conditions. Spinal fusion fuses the vertebrae which can cause pain due to some imbalances or complications.

Every patient is asked to show X-ray reports to the physician to understand the main area of the problem. A spine surgery is also conducted that makes sure that the problem is removed within some hours.

Spine surgeries often involve other tests and medications too. CT scans and MRI scans are also quite helpful during this health problem for pinpointing the actual cause or area of the complications.

Major reliefs due to spinal fusion
You would understand this better if you know about the spinal cord. However, some of the major reliefs that happen due to spinal fusion are:
– Reduces motion between the vertebrae
– Eliminates nerve stretching
– Eliminates the surrounding of muscles and ligaments

What is decompression?
If you are someone who has leg pain along with tremendous back pain, your surgeon would perform a laminectomy, which is also known as decompression. The process of decompression is the removal of bones and tissues which cause pain and are severely diseased. With this, the pain gets removed and the patient gets to live a healthier life.

What is bone grafting?
Bone grafting is a procedure which helps in the process of spinal fusion. This procedure has been proven to make the healing process of your bone faster. In this procedure, some small pieces or structures of bones are placed in between the spaces in the vertebrae which then get fused. This is helpful since this undoubtedly promotes the process.

Yes, it must be noted that spinal fusion would obviously disable a little bit of your spine, but that does not cause you much trouble whatsoever.

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