A brief comparison between luxury SUVs and crossovers

Compact crossovers like Honda CR-V, Toyota RV-4, Chevrolet Equinox, Ford Escape, and Mazda CX-5 are ubiquitous on roads. It has become quite a craze to own a compact crossover. However, SUVs to are staging a comeback with luxury SUVs. It is a battle of generations and features.

SUVs had been quite a craze since the rise of Ford Explorer. However, the bad fuel economy made it fade away from the list of most-favored family cars; it gave way to crossovers. They are a breed of SUVs which also incorporate some elements of family sedan cars. The driver control and seating comfort of sedans combined with the ground clearance and other benefits of SUVs. There came a new breed of cars named crossovers. A series of crossovers have been launched so far. However, now there is a new breed of luxury SUVs which are giving tough competition to the crossovers. Let’s compare luxury SUVs and crossovers and see how each of these scores on different parameters.

Chassis defines the vehicle
When you compare luxury SUVs and crossovers, the difference mainly lies in the chassis. SUVs are made on the chassis of trucks while crossovers are made on the chassis of cars. So the basic difference between the two is unibody and body on frame.

Handling crossovers is easy as compared to SUVs
SUVs are not known to be as docile to driver controls as crossovers are. Although luxury SUVs have narrowed down the difference almost down to zero, they are still SUVs.

Crossovers can be economical to drive unlike luxury SUVs
Crossovers owe their origin to the notoriety of SUVs as fuel guzzlers. They combine the fuel economy of passenger sedan cars with the sporty character of SUVs. So crossovers can be economical to drive. However, new gen luxury SUVs too can be economical, especially on city roads. The gas mileage of Luxury SUVs like the Acura MDX on city roads compares favorably with many sedan cars of the same range.

Great view of traffic
There is so much of similarity when you compare luxury SUVs and crossovers in terms of view over traffic. Being high above the ground, both these vehicles offer a great view over traffic.

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