7 types of mattresses for a good night’s sleep

Pick any mattress for back pain, make sure it helps in reducing back, hip or shoulder pain and possesses qualities like providing support, is less likely to sag and has an effective conforming ability.

Air: In case of airbeds, sagging and support problems are less dealt with as compared to other bed types. Inside an airbed, air chambers are present with very less conforming ability and the firmness can be adjusted according to personal choice and position of sleep. Airbeds can, however, be extra firm on hips and shoulders especially of small to average-sized side sleepers.

Memory foam: The foam’s conforming ability can be benefitted by the smaller sized people as they do not exert much weight on the mattress for back pain and experience excessive pressure points. The levels of firmness vary from medium to medium firm. Also advantageous for average to large sized people. This is a good choice for a mattress for back pain.

Latex: Dunlop offers better support compared to the support level of Talalay latex in the support layer; development of body impressions occurs, and it becomes softer over time. Softer varieties are available, but firmness is medium to firm. There is moderate conformation of latex to the body.

Hybrid: These mattresses provide a little more than average support. But due to sagging, about 18% of owners complain within three years. Even if two inches of memory foam is present, the conforming ability tends to be good. Firmnesses are available in a vast range.

Foam: If some material other than the regular foam is present, the conforming ability is at least fair in nature, and it provides the required amount of support. In case of firmness, options are limited.

Water: This is not the best choice you shall make in case of a mattress for back pain. Conforming ability is good, but in case of support, it is not worth the effort and users complain of back pain. By addition or removal of water, firmness can be adjusted.

Innerspring: This also provides poor support, and about 20% of the owners complain of sagging within three years. Conforming ability is fair in case of significant comfort layers. Conforming ability is poor in case of minimal comforting layer especially in case of small to average sized people.

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