7 things to know about JBL Mega speakers

Not happy with your current Bluetooth speakers?

Finding the right Bluetooth speakers can be quite daunting as there are so many to choose from and only a few of them live up to your expectation. Bring home the change with JBL Mega Bluetooth speakers.

Why JBL Mega?
To start with, all Bluetooth speakers deliver music. But just delivering music is not enough. Bluetooth speakers are much more capable than that. Bluetooth speaker JBL Mega brings out the best out of the rest.

A Bluetooth speaker like JBL Mega effortlessly gives powerful sound thanks to its Bass Radiator feature, which can make you hear and feel the bass. Its wireless streaming can connect the speaker up to three devices.

The first thing that one looks while going for a Bluetooth speaker is its battery life. JBL Mega comes with a high capacity of 10,000mAh built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery life, which means longer hours. It gives approximately 15 hours of playtime. Bluetooth speaker like JBL Mega can charge a device with its dual USB ports.

Make your Bluetooth speaker work like your speakerphone. You may receive calls through the JBL Mega speaker that gives crystal clear sound, thereby canceling any outside noise and echo.

Voice assistant
Once can integrate JBL Mega with Siri or Google Now with one-touch button and stay connected.

Being waterproof and splash-proof means, come rain or shine, your JBL Mega Bluetooth speakers are safe and sound. Its waterproof technology makes speakers hop from beach to car and any pool parties without any damage.

Superior material
Bluetooth speaker JBL Mega comes with a durable fabric material that can withstand any surface and conditions. Moreover, rugged rubber housing ensures that exterior texture of the speakers lasts long.

Bluetooth speakers have become more affordable today and consumer friendly. JBL Mega is one of the best investments regarding quality and price.

Compatible mobile apps and streaming services give a JBL Mega an edge over other speakers. The cylindrical design and shape make it easy to carry around anywhere by just tossing it in the bag.

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