7 popular cell phone deals from Alltel

Alltel Wireless is an affordable option for buyers in small and medium cities. All Alltel subscribers have a roaming agreement with Verizon and Sprint. Those looking for Alltel cell phones may choose from LG, Palm, and Motorola RAZR models.

Alltel coverage is mostly covered in parts of Southeast, Alaska, and other regions of the country. One may find good Alltel cell phone deals on eBay. Though most carriers do not sell Alltel cell phones anymore, a buyer may find a pre-owned cell phone on eBay.

Apple iPhone 5C
Though regularly priced at $204.99, Alltel offers Apple iPhone 5C for $99.99, which is certainly one of the best Alltel cell phone deals. You can make a style statement with this Apple product.

Audiovox UTSTARCOM PPC-6700
Available for $93.80, after 33% discount, this CDMA Alltel phone has an assisted slide keyboard, a 2MP camera, Wi-Fi, a memory card slot, and a touchscreen display.

HTC Touch Diamond
This CDMA cell phone has an easy-to-use touchscreen with TouchFLO 3D technology. HTC Touch gives a standby time of 350 hours. It is available for $107.45 after 33% discount.

Blackberry Pearl 8230
Best for mailing, message, and chatting, this BlackBerry Pearl works on Alltel wireless. Since it is Bluetooth-enabled, one may remain hands-free while listening to music. This cell phone is priced at $89.11, thereby giving you a savings of 33%.

LG Rhythm AX-585
LG Rhythm model is priced at $108.80. This cell phone has a 2MP camera, streaming Bluetooth technology, and high-speed HTML web surfing.

Motorola Evoke QA4
This CDMA Motorola Evoke QA4 is one of the best Alltel cell phone deals available for $136.01. It has an LCD screen, five-way navigation, and universal Bluetooth-compatible handset.

LG AX300
The best offer available for this LG AX300 cell phone is $82.17 after a 33% discount. This flip LG CDMA model is great for light browsing and talking. You may get a talk time of 200 minutes. This phone has three languages—namely English, Spanish, and French.

Alltel cell phones are still sold in some regions, and though they are outdated, they last longer and are sold without contracts.

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