7 free internet fax services

You do not need to invest in a fax machine to send and receive faxes. Several free services allow you to send faxes through your computer and receive these in your mail.

Here are seven such free fax service providers.

Fax Zero

You may send and receive free faxes across the United States of America (USA) and Canada. Simply upload a word or PDF or enter text to send as a fax. However, this free Internet fax service provider allows only three pages per fax for up to five free faxes in a day.

Got Free Fax

This service provider offers advertisement-free cover page and allows you to send online faxes across the USA and Canada. You may send two free faxes comprising three pages per fax per day. Additional fax services are available for a nominal cost.

Fax Free Better

You may receive up to 50 pages per month on a dedicated toll-free number. The service provider also sends email notifications when you receive a fax. However, to enjoy the continuance of such services, you must receive at least one fax in seven days.

eFax Free

This plan offers you a free fax number, which may be used to receive faxes via email. You will require the eFax document viewing software for using this service. A maximum of ten free faxes may be received each month.

Pam Fax

It is a free to join service and you receive three free pages. Inbuilt support for Google Documents, Dropbox, and Box.net is available. If you upgrade your account, you receive a personal fax number.

MyFax Free

Compared to other Internet fax service providers, MyFax allows you to send faxes to more than 40 countries around the world. In addition, it supports several types of files such as image, word, powerpoint, and excel. You may also use apps for your smartphone or iPhone.

Office suite

An overlooked feature in the Office suite is the fax sending capability. The Office suite allows you to send Internet faxes via word, powerpoint, outlook, and excel.

Before you choose one of the aforementioned free services, it is recommended you read the terms and conditions to avoid any confusion.

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