6 popular TracFone smartphones deals

Everyone looks for advanced features, a high-resolution camera and latest apps in smartphones. But what about people who are not interested in any of these features and just want a basic smartphone? For these buyers, TracFone is their best bet.

It is a one-of-a-kind prepaid and pay-as-you-go phone service provider with no frills and fancy features along with nationwide coverage.

Top six deals on TracFone
TracFone’s best smartphone deals have a lot of latest phones such as Samsung Galaxy series, iPhone, and LG devices. These easily work with TracFone wireless services.

Samsung Galaxy J3 Luna Pro
This Samsung Galaxy cell phone from TracFone is rated as the best smartphone deal, as you get a good Samsung 16GB phone with 4G LTE speed for just $100.

Samsung Galaxy S8
Topping the list yet again is Samsung’s Galaxy S8 from TracFone. It has the latest features and runs on Android 7.0 Nougat, which makes the phone work fast. With 64GB memory, you will never run out of storage.

Gionee F103
When you are using your smartphone for talking long hours, then battery life becomes a top priority. Gionee aces in this aspect, making it TracFone’s best smartphone deal. Another feature that makes Gionee F103 stand out is its advanced anti-virus feature; so your phone may be clear of any virus.

HTC Desire 626
HTC Desire 626 is a TracFone-compatible smartphone. It is very reasonably priced, comes with a 5-inch touchscreen resolution, and has 16GB memory.

iPhone 7
TracFone smartphone is also available for iPhone 7. This 32GB black beauty comes with TracFone airtime minutes, which includes double or triple minutes for life feature. Now, isn’t this one of TracFone’s best smartphone deals?

Samsung Galaxy Sky Pro S727VL
This is one of the low-cost TracFone-enabled smartphones as compared to other Samsung series. But it is one of the best phones for an average user who may use it with plenty of talktime.

You may also bring your own device and connect with TracFone wireless service. Though TracFone does not offer run-of-the-mill smartphones, these are ideal for making emergency calls and some light web browsing.

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