6 popular no-contract cell phones to stay connected always

No-contract cell phones are best when you are unable to decide which plan to take, or when you do not want any plan. Prepaid or no-contract cell phones can be found at Walmart or Best Buy too. Most carrier companies also offer such phones, but these phones work only with the specific wireless service. These are called carrier cell phones.

No-contract cell phones are relatively cheap, as you do not get into any contract or agreement. You pay as you use.

Top cheap no-contract cell phones
There is a host of cheap no-contract phones on the market. To find cheap cell phones with no contract, you need to determine your use and budget factor too.

Samsung Gusto 3
Although a bit of an old-fashioned cell phone, it is one of the best cheap cell phones with no contract. It costs $19.99 and comes with Verizon wireless service. Samsung Gusto is ideal for seniors, as it is small and light-weight.

ZTE Majesty Pro
Simple Mobile serviced ZTE Majesty Pro with 8GB memory and 4.5-inch screen display is a good phone for light browsing, calling, and texting. ZTE Majesty Pro costs $19.99.

Samsung Galaxy J1
Galaxy J1 is a good cell phone to start with. You may even get an upgrade without any contract with Verizon wireless. This 8GB memory phone priced at $31.99 is one of the cheap cell phones with no contract.

LG Risio 2
LG Risio 2 works under Cricket Wireless, which is one of the best carriers for no-contract phones. This smartphone is good for games or conference calls. LG Risio is powered by Android and costs $49.99.

This 16GB 5-inch LG M3 is the perfect cell phone for internet browsing as it gives 4G LTE speed. Boost Mobile is the carrier partner for this phone; LG M3 costs $49.99 and may easily be touted as one of the cheap cell phones with no contract.

Samsung Galaxy Sol
This Galaxy Sol is one of the best no-contract Samsung cell phones. Galaxy Sol works on Cricket Wireless, has 8GB memory, 4G LTE internet speed, and costs $69.99.

When you have no-contract cell phones, you get to choose the carrier and the plan too.

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