5 things about applicant tracking system

The first step to finding a job is to ensure the recruiter does not throw your resume in the trash. Almost 90% of companies filter resumes through a tracking system. How do you then ensure your resume ranks higher in such systems?

Here are five things you need to know about such tracking systems.

  • What are applicant tracking systems?

An applicant tracking system (ATS) is a software program handling the recruitment procedure. It sorts through hundreds of resumes to find the most suitable one for the specific job requirements. ATS scans the resumes for keywords to ensure inclusion criteria are met.

  • Why companies use ATS?

The biggest benefit of an ATS is that it reduces the time spent on the recruitment process. Furthermore, companies are able to stay organized. An ATS ensures the recruiter does not erroneously delete an email. Additionally, it makes it easier to keep track of the recruitment process and provides improved communication with the applicants.

  • How does an ATS work?

The applicant tracking system stores the resume and makes an entry into its database. The companies search for certain keywords to pull out appropriate resumes. Keywords may include certain types of skills or work experience. The ATS may also search for applicants based on qualifications.

  • Resume development

Just like search engine optimization depends on relevant keywords, ensuring your resume ranks higher in the ATS’s database requires using the correct keywords. You must research for commonly used keywords for a particular position before you submit your application. Moreover, it is important that you do not include fluff but use keywords that are used by the ATS to scan resumes through its database. Unlike human judgment, an ATS relies only on relevant criteria and keywords to shortlist prospective applicants.

  • Friend or Foe?

An ATS streamlines and simplifies the recruitment process. However, it is not possible to completely automate this process. You need to ensure your resume ranks higher to get a chance to meet the recruiter in person. You may boost your chances of getting hired by showing your best qualities during the interview.

Research and keyword optimization are the best ways to maximize the possibility of an interview through the ATS.

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