5 popular AT&T smartphone deals

The number of smartphones in the market is increasing exponentially, and looking for the best deal among the lot is like trying to find a needle in the haystack. There are multiple deals available in the market for the same smartphone. As a result, a lot of buyers miss on good deals while trying to save a few dollars.

Service carriers like AT&T also have their smartphone deals along with their plans.

Smartphone deals from AT&T
AT&T is your one-stop shop for all your smartphone offers. They give you high value for money and excellent customer service. Before going for any smartphone deals at AT&T,  know your requirements and budget with the network of your choice.

Samsung Galaxy J7
This Samsung 5.5-inch masterpiece is at a special offer. AT&T is offering a 30-month installment at 0% APR at as low as $8 per month. Alternatively, the buyer has an option to pay $239 retail price.

Samsung Galaxy J3
This Galaxy series is available for $6 per month for a 30-month installment plan at 0% APR or $179 retail price.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8
Amongst the many good smartphone deals from AT&T on the Samsung Galaxy series, there is one on Note 8. If you purchase any of the Galaxy series smartphones on AT&T Next with an eligible wireless service, you may get Samsung S8 free. This is like a “buy one get one smartphone free” offer.

AT&T has a really good deal for iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus smartphones too. On any purchase of iPhone 8, AT&T gives another iPhone 8, when a buyer buys both cell phones on AT&T Next with an eligible wireless service. Apart from Samsung and iPhone, there are smartphone deals from AT&T on LG smartphones too.

A buyer may buy any combination of eligible LG devices such as V30, G6, and X Venture and in return get another LG phone free. But the catch here is that the free device should be the lowest-priced device and credits may not exceed the cost of that device.

When looking for beneficial smartphone deals, AT&T has got you covered for any device and its flexible monthly installment with 0% APR is also available, subject to credit check eligibility.

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