5 popular associate business administration degrees you can do online

With a duration of two years or less, an associate business administration degree is an ideal option for those who are unable to do a full-time course. In half the time that it takes to do a full-time program, an associate’s degree provide broad knowledge on various aspects of business administration. This includes both theory and practical skill sets. For people who are already working, an associate’s business degree lets them get back to their jobs sooner with enhanced skill sets.

With online associate business degrees, a working professional can have the flexibility of pursuing a course according to their convenience without any restrictions on time. If you want to pursue an associate business degree, here is a list of 5 popular courses available online:

Oklahoma State University – Oklahoma City: This university offers the online business administration degree called Associate in Applied Science in General Business Degree Program. Comprising of 64 credits, this program requires 40 credits in business related subjects. The cost of tuition per credit is about $240.

California Coast University: Consisting of 60 units, California Coast University’s AS in Business Administration offers subjects aimed towards the understanding of current business scenario, identification of effective management methods, and so on. The cost of tuition per credit is about $150.

Colorado Technical University: Colorado Technical University offers an online program called Associate of Science in Business Administration Degree Program. Comprising 93 credits, this business administration course imparts technical business skills along with the development of critical thinking and decision-making skills. The cost of tuition per credit is about $330.

Columbia Southern University: The Online Associate of Science in Business Degree Program from Columbia Southern University has 60 total credits. This degree gives a broad knowledge of business administration along with practical and pragmatic skill sets. The cost of tuition per credit is about $220.

Madison Area Technical College: The Online Associate’s in Business Management Degree Program from this college has total 67 credits. Apart from general business subjects, this program offers specialization in accounting, finance, human resource, marketing, real estate and so on. The cost of tuition per credit is about $130.

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