5 internet businesses you can start without money

The saying that you need to invest funds to make money is now old. If you start a home-based business, you may not need any investment. However, as your business grows, you may want to reinvest some portion of the profits.

Using your skills and knowledge, it is easy to start a home-based business today. If you want the freedom and flexibility, here are five business ideas for an internet business that do not require any investment.

Sell on eBay and Amazon

You may start by de-cluttering your home and selling stuff you no longer need or use. When you sell on these sites, you do not have to pay until you receive money on your sales. You need to find fast-selling items and a wholesaler to make profits on selling online.


All you need to invest in is web hosting and domain name, which is a marginal expense. However, you may commence on a free blogging site like Blogger. Once you make money from blogging, you may invest in a domain name and then as your earnings grow, you may buy hosting services.


You may start selling any skill you have by telling people that you may be able to help them. Some ideas are to offer small repairs for the home, pet sitting, or tutoring to start making money. If you do not want to step out, you may offer services such as virtual support, web designing, video conference tutorials, bookkeeping, and others; slowly transforming it into an internet business.


In addition to offering writing as a service, you may earn money through your own work. You may write books, home-based courses, product information brochures, and much more. If you have the skills, you may also consider offering article writing services as several companies use freelance writers to write as part of the search engine optimization strategy.


This basically involves working as a freelancer for clients that require people for small and short-duration projects. Such projects include data entry, proofreading, writing, or researching. Several microwork sites are available and it is recommended you join these to acquire projects.

Starting an internet business is easy with the advanced technologies. You may take help from your social media network to acquire clients.

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