5 features of Bose Bluetooth Speaker Mini II for the best sound effects

One can never go wrong with mini Bose Bluetooth speakers. This is because Bose is a brand that boasts of superior quality sound and technology. The tagline “Big Sound Small Speaker” aptly justifies Bose Bluetooth speaker Mini II.

Here are a few reasons why one should opt for this mini model.

What makes Bose Bluetooth speakers stand out is their small but powerful sound quality. The speakers come with a built-in microphone. They also have a battery life of ten hours, so that you can enjoy hours of uninterrupted playtime without charging.

The best part of Bose Bluetooth Speaker Mini II is one can take it to any room without any hassles of wires and listen to music anywhere in the house. They fit easily anywhere whether in a car or on a shelf. Besides, the speakers can be used to access Siri or Google Now and to take calls from anywhere with its special noise canceling feature.

Easy connectivity
Voice prompt feature enables easy connectivity with other Bluetooth devices like tablet, smartphones, and laptops. Bose Bluetooth speaker Mini II can remember the last eight devices connected; so reconnecting these devices is very simple.

Bose Bluetooth speakers are encased in aluminum casing making it look durable and attractive. One can even cover it with soft cases, which are available in different color options.

No one can beat Bose speakers in technology. The performance speaks for itself. Its dual passive radiators eliminate vibrations and give deep low notes. High-efficiency transducers improve air movement to produce powerful sound.

Bose Bluetooth speakers are originally priced at USD 180. Check for stereo systems or Bose wireless speakers sale to get them at the best price.

Bose Bluetooth speaker Mini II is ideal for a home or office. The speaker comes with a charging dock, which can be charged when the speaker comes in contact with a metal on the dock.

You can choose Bose Bluetooth speaker without giving a second thought. The highlight of the Bose Bluetooth Speaker Mini II is its sound quality and sleek body that can give any other speaker a run for its money.

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