5 facts everybody should know about male incontinence

Surprisingly, about 25 million Americans face urinary problems. Though one might say that three-fourths of the potential victims are females, almost 5 million men are prone to fall prey to the illness of the urinary bladder. Therefore, it makes much sense to be vocal and use incontinence products for men. Today, the market is flooded with male incontinence products that help to combat the symptoms of male incontinence. Given below are 7 facts everybody should know about the illness:

  • Male incontinence is more than just a few drops of urine
    Though one may not pee to the extent of emptying the whole bladder, excess leakage of urine post urination is not normal. It makes one feel uncomfortable, gives skin rashes, and also shows through your clothes, all putting a male in an awkward, embarrassing situation.
  • It is more common than you think it is
    Between 2 to 15% of men aged between 15 to 64 and 5 to 15% of men aged above 60 who live at home suffer from incontinence problem. Also, 9 out of 10 men who are victims of the illness have had a prostate surgery in their lives.
  • Obesity might cause male incontinence
    As we grow older, the innate strength of the muscles of the bladder starts deteriorating and excess weight puts more pressure on the bladder. Apart from being obese, smoking cigarette, drinking heavily, eating a lot of starch high, and sugar high foods all are in a way linked with male incontinence.
  • Incontinence products are very helpful
    Incontinence products for men play a big role in combating the urinary problems. Because the pharmacists have recognized the necessity of gender-specific products, there is a wide range of disposable and absorbent boxers and briefs, compression pouches, etc. available at the pharmacist.
  • The amount of liquid you take in matters
    Drinking too much of liquid, be it alcohol or regular aerated drinks, puts pressure on the urinary bladder. This makes things worse if you already have low resistance ability towards beer. Using incontinence products for men certainly helps, but drinking liquids only when thirsty is of great help.

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