4 popular tablet phones that give the best of everything

If you are in a dilemma whether to buy a tablet or a phone and you need both, tablet phone is your best option. When your tablet works similar to your smartphone and has the same features as your smartphone, should you not go for a tablet phone?

A tablet phone is a new concept where your tablet may work the same as your phone, including making and receiving calls.

Four best-selling tablet phones on the market
Not every cell phone company has warmed up to the concept of tablet phones, but there are quite a few choices for those looking for new tablet phones.

Yuntab E706
This 7-inch tablet is powered by Android, has 1GB + 8GB memory, and is perfect for staying connected anywhere with the help of built-in Wi-Fi. Since it has a high speed, multitasking gets easier. Moreover, it supports Netflix and Skype. Yuntab E706 costs $57.99.

This is a one-of-a-kind unlocked worldwide new tablet phone. It supports any standard SIM card and is compatible with any AT&T, T-Mobile, and other GSM networks. This tablet phone is a good deal at $59.99. Tagital runs on Android 6.0. Built-in Wi-Fi keeps you connected to any hotspots and ensures fast multi-tasking. This tablet phone is apt for gaming, browsing, as well as video streaming.

Yuntab 10.1-inch
Make the most of your new tablet phone with Yuntab 10.1-inch Android 5.1. This tablet phone is a dual-SIM cell phone tablet. The best part of this tablet phone is its bigger screen size and its super slim 10mm body. A dual camera and 16GB storage makesĀ it great for chatting through Skype or GTalk and even gives access to emails. Yuntab is compatible with all types of 3G networks such as AT&T, T-Mobile, and other GSM networks.

LLLtrade is a 10.1-inch dual-sim tablet. This tablet is enabled with built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. One may easily pair it with any Bluetooth-enabled device. Powered by Android 6.0, it is a great experience for watching movies, surfing, and playing games. This tablet phone costs $96.88.

The connection is everything, and now you have many reasons to stay connected, thanks to the new tablet phone.

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