4 popular sedans of 2017

Although the automobile market is adorned with several stylish SUVs, the sedan has swayed the souk as the most favorite cars of people’s choice. 2017 has been the highest-selling year for sedans in the automobile industry.

If you are looking for a stunning design, luxurious and comfortable seating, and high-class performance; the sedan is an answer for you. It has all in one quality. The luxurious wide, flat and sleek design, advanced infotainment system, road gripping tires, comfy seats, safe and comfortable driving facility, roomy interior, and fuel efficiency with high-speed transmission system are few qualities of the new sedans of 2017.

4 popular new sedans of 2017
When talking about the new sedans of 2017, the first thing that comes to taunts your mid is luxury. So, let us first discuss the top luxury sedans of 2017.

BMW 2 Series
This is the first name on the list. In the terms of safety and comfort, it has been rated around 4.5 out of 5. At the starting price of around $33,000, you get an excellent smooth drive, with advanced safety features. This is one of the best new sedans of 2017.

Audi A4
The second name on the list of the best new sedans of 2017 is Audi A4. It has been rated around 3.5 out of 5. In terms of performance, seating capacity, infotainment system, and safety features, it is one of the best cars. It has won the Best Luxury Small Car for the Money award due to its quality and price. At a price of around $ 37,000, you get the facilities that are unmatched to any other luxury car of the same price.

Mazda Mazda6
This is the exclusively carved mid-sized sedan holds a high ranking among the mid-sized sedans. At a base price of around $24,000, you get an excellent performance, classy exterior, and excellent interior and advanced technologies. Altogether you are going to enjoy your riding and driving experience.

Honda Accord Hybrid
This is the second most favorite midsize sedans. With advanced driving assistance and top classy infotainment features, it offers cozy and a hitch-free ride. At a base price of around $29,000, you get automatic transmission system with fuel efficiency up to 27mgp in the city whereas 36mgp on the highway.

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