4 popular knee braces for arthritis

Arthritis is defined as a chronic inflammation of the knee joint that usually leads to pain and stiffness. Arthritis normally occurs due to the degeneration of the joint cartilage or when the immune system targets the lining of the joints. Accumulation of uric acid crystals, infections, and other illnesses may also lead to arthritis.

Knee braces are made of flexible material such as plastic, metal, synthetic rubber, or mouldable foam and are available in many different sizes and shapes. The thigh bone consists of two knobs that connect it to the knee joint. Your stance can be misaligned and make you appear bow-legged due to the age-related degeneration of these knobs. Your knee, over time, may buckle when you put pressure on it. Arthritis can be immensely painful and can impact the patient’s ability to perform even simple activities such as walking and standing. A knee brace helps lower pain by shifting the weight from the damaged part of the knee. It also allows the collateral ligaments to heal. Some of the best knee braces available in the market for people who have arthritis are:

Knee support by Champion: This lightweight one-size-fits-most breathable knee brace is made of nylon, lycra, and foam rubber and is considered as one of the best knee braces available. The open-patella design makes it easy to wear and remove. It helps maintain the position of the patella.
Winzone knee brace support: This is a 100% neoprene brace that is breathable and temperature resistant. It is flexible and offers a good range of motion thereby making it great to use when running, walking and standing. These and many more aspects make this among the best knee braces.
Knee brace from Wuju Fitness: This nylon and spandex brace is known for its strong and comfortable design. It works by improving circulation to your knee and by preventing small jerks that accentuate pain and hinder actual movement. It is also one of the best knee braces.
Kinetiks Knee Brace: This brace has a unique design and offers a snug fit and great support. It consists of a flexible gel padding that is surrounded by a breathable neoprene covering which aids in retaining heat to speed the recovery process. It offers safety, comfort, and stability to the knee. This is also one of the best knee braces.

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