4 popular and effective arthritis pain relief products

Arthritis is a painful, degenerative, and inflammatory condition of the joints. If the pain is bearable, you can try the below arthritis relief products:

Arthritis gloves
One of the most affected areas by arthritis is your hands where the swelling is mainly in the fingers and wrists. Arthritis gloves are made from a soft material that compresses the swelling and also provides heat to your hand. Heat helps the swelling vanish by easing the stiffness of your hands. An arthritis glove is one of the best arthritis relief products for swelling and inflammation in the hands.

Cold packs
A cold pack is another effective tool that can be used as an arthritis pain relief product. Heating pads acute joint pain by increasing blood flow, moreover, cold packs constrict the blood vessels from swelling. This is a quick relief product that is affordable and highly recommended by doctors. It prevents sudden joint pain and can be used 4–5 times a day for an interval of 15–20 minutes.

Turmeric is regarded as an ancient arthritis pain relief product because it contains a chemical called curcumin that has anti-inflammatory properties. The best way is to add the yellow spice in all your dishes. It may not add taste to the dish, but it is a traditional method to prevent joint and muscle pain and is widely used in rural areas.

Knee guard
The knee is one of the most common parts that is affected by arthritis pain. This is because your legs are used the most and the strength of the knee decreases with the increase in age. However, there are arthritis relief products that are specifically designed for the knee that can reduce pain by providing compression and warmth to the affected part of knee tissues.

A nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug is a topical ointment that is made to decrease arthritis joint pain specifically. The gel has fewer side effects than the oral drug; however, the stronger NSAIDs are used only after prescribed by the doctor.

Though over-the-counter medicines reduce both swelling and pain, they cause other complications. It’s wiser to fix the pain before your joints don’t work anymore.

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