4 commonly asked job-interview questions at McDonald’s

The thought of facing an interview can cause discomfort. You can anticipate a few questions that are asked at an interview, but at times, there are a few questions asked, the answer to which can be quite tricky. Even if you are looking for a job at McDonald’s, having an idea about the kind of questions you’d be asked can increase your chances of getting the job.

So, here’s a list of questions that are mostly asked during an interview for McDonald’s job.

  1. Why do you want to work at McDonald’s? – The intention of asking this question is to find out whether you are really interested in working at McDonald’s and that this job is not merely a mode of receiving paychecks every month. McDonald’s is one of the most popular fast-food joints in the world, and your employer would want you to know why you would want to work for them.
  2. How well would you function in a team? – A McDonald’s job would require you to function in a team. You are expected to share the responsibilities that are conferred on the team. Helping your team members in times of need, multitasking in the absence of a team member, and sharing the applause and the blame is a major part of your job. So, this question is asked to determine whether you are a team player or not.
  3. How would you handle a disgruntled customer? – McDonald’s jobs would have you dealing with customers on all fronts. McDonald’s is known for its impeccable customer services and every new employee has to adhere to this norm. There are times when you would face an upset customer, and you should know how to deal with it. Your response to this question would determine how well you cope with pressure.
  4. Where do you see yourself five years from now? – This question is not typical of only McDonald’s job interviews, it can be asked anywhere. This question aims to understand how ambitious you are. McDonald’s is known to promote the growth of its employees by helping them scale the corporate ladder.

So, gear up for your McDonald’s interview with the help of these questions.

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