3 simple ways to find cell phones for free

Who does not love freebies? Ever wondered what cell phone companies offer free phones? The answer is “almost all companies.” When you read the bold headline, “3 simple ways to find cell phones for free,” you must be thinking that it is too good to be true. Yes, all good things come with a catch.

How to get a free cell phone
To burst the bubble, let’s first understand that free cell phones come with strings attached. All wireless carriers advertise ‘buy one phone and get one free’ during their sales and promotion period. Here are some ways in which cell phone companies offer free phones.

Buy one, get one free
To get a free phone, you must first buy an eligible device from your service provider, and then get the other device for free. The store, in a bid to boost sales, advertises this. The catch here—you have to take that carrier plan and link the second line to their plan. This way, even though you get your favorite phone for free, you will have to pay for the second line through the same carrier.

Buy one, get one free phone is ideal for families, roommates or students, who may be on the same network and same plan.

There is one more way through which carriers give free phones—on installment. Carrier companies advertise at zero down payment for a smartphone and pay in installments over a period of 24 months without any interest along with the plan of choice. The catch here is that you need to have to good credit background to be eligible for installment and leasing.

Giving free phones as a part of an offer or a promotion works both ways—for customers as well as for the carrier. You get an additional device for free, and the carrier companies get a new customer for their plan. So it is a win-win situation.

Once you know what cell phone companies offer free phones, decide on one. But before you sign any contract, make sure you read the fine print in detail; else you may have to end up paying some hidden charges.

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